Indonesian Muslim affection

إِنَّمَا تُنْصَرُوْنَ وَ تُرْزَقُوْنَ بِضُعَفَائِكُمْ. رواه أبو داود “Hanyalah kamu sekalian mendapatkan kemenangan dan kecukupan berkat orang-orang lemah di antara kalian” Indonesia is a country that is full of love. The motto Unity in Diversity completely imbued by its citizens. mutual assistance, mutual help, mutual love, sharing is a feature of Indonesian citizens. Syaikh Ahmad … Read more

Family Gathering of Indonesian Muslim

Did you know that Indonesia has many cultures? Variety of Indonesian cultures are influenced by several factors. Among them, is the geographic factors, economic factors, educational factors, and religious factors. Religious factors have a very important influence in the formation of culture in Indonesia. Based on history, there are some religions that have experienced the … Read more

Islamic education in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that is occupied by the majority of the Islamic community. There are many differences in terms of economic, ethnic, cultural, political, and ideological. However, the Indonesian people still live in harmony within an inch of land to enjoy Indonesia without mutual seize other people’s property. Indonesia is a paradise fields to … Read more

Traditional Markets of Cepu, Indonesia

Fortune was allotted. But, It’s mistake if we do not want to act. In Cepu market, there are stalls which theoretically unfit place and so not worth mentioned as stall. He occupies a narrow hallway. But, masyaallah, the shop was never empty of visitors, in fact there are some waiters, no less than four waiters … Read more

Nationalism of Indonesian Muslims

A few weeks ago, the people of Indonesia shocked by the act of some people who claim to be members of ISIS. They gave a call to the people of Indonesia to join ISIS via video. But do not worry! Indonesian Muslim nationalism is very strong. Will not falter just because a call by a … Read more

The Basis of Islamic Education

Islam is not only faith in a single God: it goes beyond what is essence defined by word “religion”. A set of practices, behavior, and observances concerning the social arena and defines a lifestyle whose objective is to perpetuate and protect the faith. Practicing Islam is not confined to the private domain: it includes a … Read more