soal UAS bahasa ingris 2007

  1. Make a  coversation formally which shows introduction between Ana, tono, and Jim!
The situation is : Tono as Jim’s friend at this moment Tono want to introduce jim to Ani (Tono’s friend also)
  1. After the introduction, usually there is a small talk.
    1. What does the small talk mean?
    2. Give the example of small talk which is common in western countries!
  2. Tony    : Does Sinta like Peterpan Very much?
Shane    : Yes, she (like)…… Peterpan very much.
  1. Joan always (take a bath)…. twice a day.
  2. Rob and Aron usually (play)…. football seriously. They want to be a good player.
  3. She (go) to school next week.
  4. You (see)… her standing in fron of the door tommorow morning.
  5. I (close)…. the door very late last night.
  6. Yesterday Jim (eat(i))…. a lot of durian in the bus.
  7. Ida was so sad last week that she (cry)….. almost all the day.
  8. Tell me your daily activities from the time you wake up antil the time you go to the bed in the night!
  9. Tell me your plan about your future (what will you do after graduated from UNESA).

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