Indonesian Muslim affection

إِنَّمَا تُنْصَرُوْنَ وَ تُرْزَقُوْنَ بِضُعَفَائِكُمْ. رواه أبو داود
Hanyalah kamu sekalian mendapatkan kemenangan dan kecukupan berkat orang-orang lemah di antara kalian
Indonesia is a country that is full of love. The motto Unity in Diversity completely imbued by its citizens. mutual assistance, mutual help, mutual love, sharing is a feature of Indonesian citizens.

Syaikh Ahmad Asrori AlIshaqi (deceased) caregivers boarding school Alfithrah Surabaya one day deliver lectures on affection of fellow human beings. Not only fellow Muslims, but also affection to non-Muslims. Syaikh teaches us to ask for the blessing to God through the poor people we meet. The trick is to pray for these people to get the goodness of God. Furthermore, if met by a poor merchant, we can buy his wares even though we do not need it.

Indonesian Muslim affection
Syaikh Ahmad Asrori Al-Ishaqi (R.A) | ©

Praying for others unbeknown by him is an incredible job. Because, there is no interest in it. This is called sincere. We do not know him, do not have family ties, and even met him the first time, but still pay attention to him.

That’s the beauty of Islam in Indonesia. All citizens are brothers who should be loved. Not only with fellow Muslim ummah, but with non-Muslim ummah as well.

Indonesian Muslim affection
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